Hong Kong’s consumption-based society has placed intense pressure on its landfills, resulting in long-term environmental costs. Our daily food waste alone generates 3,600 tons of municipal solid waste, 40% of the city’s total. It is vital to protect Hong Kong’s environment and ease the burden on the limited landfill space. To help ease the landfill burden, the Green Council has launched the FoodWaste Lean and Green Label Scheme (The Scheme). We are encouraging the food and beverage sector to participate in this Scheme to make environmentally sustainable practices. The FoodWaste Lean and Green Label scheme is a strategic plan to encourage companies to be certified in waste management systems in order to reduce food waste. This motivates companies and organisations to reduce the amounts of food preparation scraps, uneaten food and general waste. Through the Lean and Green initiative, we will determine, distinguish and endorse companies that have established food waste reduction in their operations and services. The FoodWaste Lean and Green Label Scheme is an independent, non-profit, voluntary scheme launched in 2016. It is sponsored by the Environmental and Conservation Fund (ECF), and is designed to become a self-sustained programme after 2017.

Objectives of the Scheme

1. Enhance and strengthen the Food Wise Hong Kong Campaign by encouraging existing signees to progress another step forward 
2. Encourage companies/ organisations to adopt measures that help reduce amounts of food preparation scraps, uneaten food, leftovers and food waste
3. Identify and confirm companies/ organisations with significant food waste reduction performance and achievements
4. Publicly-distinguish and recognise companies/ organizations that have established viable food waste reduction
5. Stimulate and raise public awareness and interest regarding food waste issues and solutions for Hong Kong

WhyShould I Join?

This FoodWaste Lean and Green Label Scheme is tailored for all food and beverage generators of food waste.

Benefits to participating companies/ organisations:
• Official recognition among both public and private sectors.
• Free publicity and promotion through extensive media coverage.
• Improve overall brand image.
• Satisfying (or even exceeding) customer/ public expectations and/ or demands for waste reduction efforts.
• Increase staff awareness on food waste management.

Advisory Committee

An Advisory Committee is established by the Green Council comprising representatives from Steering Committees of Food Wise Hong Kong, universities, industry, non-government organizations and the like, which will be responsible for the development and implementation of the Scheme. Main function of the Advisory Committee is to develop appropriate assessment methods, assessment checklist and criteria, and provide opinions on possible expansion of label categories.

Advisory Committee Member List (in alphabetical order of names):
Mr. K.K. Chan French Chamber of Commerce and Industries
Ms Carman Cheung LOHAS Expo
Prof K. C. Ho The Open University of Hong Kong
Ms Linda W.P. Ho Green Council
Mr. Kwong Chiu-ling, Victor The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited
Prof. Stephen W.K. Ng The Institute of Purchasing & Supply of Hong Kong
Ir Kelvin Tang HKIE Environmental Division
Mr. Wong Lok-tak, Luther, J.P. The Federation of Hong Kong Industries
Mr. Simon Wong, J.P. Hong Kong Federation of Restaurant & Related Trades Ltd.
Dr .Wong Taam Chi Woon, Vivian, J.P. Friends of Earth
Mr. Leo Yuen Hong Kong Food Science and Technology Association
The FoodWaste Lean & Green Label Scheme is divided into two levels of accreditation:

1. FoodWaste Lean & Green Label

​2. FoodWaste Lean & Green Star Label



STEP 1 Sign the Food Wise Charter
STEP 2 Plan and execute food waste control
STEP 3 Eligible to apply for FoodWaste Lean Label
STEP 4 Implementation
STEP 5 Third party on-site audit
STEP 6 Eligible to apply for FoodWaste Green Star Label

- Application for FoodWaste Lean and Green Labels is open throughout the year
- Application Fee / Renewal Fee of each outlet is HKD 3,000 (validity 2 years) per Label
- Only FoodWaste Lean and Green Label owners are eligible to apply for the FoodWaste Lean and Green Star qualification
- The Food Wise Charter is an initiative launched by the Environmental Protection Department of the HKSAR Government in 2013 to encourage Hong Kong businesses/organizations in adopting measures to reduce food waste generation within their establishments or through the services and products they provide
Reduce - Reduce food waste at source
- Prepare suitable quantity of food every meal
- Notice the expiry date of food when you shop
- Shop with a shopping list to avoid over-purchasing
- Preserve perishable food in refrigerator
- Order suitable quantity of food in restaurants
- Bring your own container to take unfinished food home
- Donate the surplus food to food bank or people in need

Reuse - Make good use of ingredients
- Make use of the unavoidable food waste such as fish bone, shrimp head to cook soup or other dishes
- Use excessive cooked rice to make fried rice or cook with soup to make a delicious dish
- Tear the cooked meat into pieces to make shredded pork and imitation shark fin soup
- Dry and dehydrate the tangerine peel under sunlight to make dessert and cook with congee to enhance flavor
- Preserve tangerine in salt for months to make a salty tangerine which treats sore throat

Recycle- Unavoidable food waste can be recycled into useful stuff
- Natural Enzyme
- Compost
- Fish Feed
- Source of Energy

Green Recipes

​(1) AJI鰺魚配橙汁青檸咸魚醬 和 AJI鰺魚多士

(2) 鴨胸西瓜沙律 和 西瓜羽衣甘藍配牛油果醬

(3) 健康高纖維藜麥蟹餅 和 泰式蟹肉配鍋巴

(4) 墨西哥辣薄餅配紅菜頭 和 金華火腿海蝦番茄湯配紅菜頭葉飯